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A Phonics Reading System for iPad

Canadian Phonics is an Ipad-based reading system that caters for beginner and struggling readers. Based on a synthetic phonics approach, our system concentrates on building sound awareness (phonemic awareness) and letter/sound knowledge (phonics).

Our system is ideal for teachers, or for parents wishing to take an active role in their child’s learning journey. In addition to iPad apps, we provide free printable worksheets and example lesson plans.

Canadian Phonics App Series


Intro to Reading with Canadian Phonics

A fun and effective introduction to phonics. Ideal for toddlers and preschoolers who are showing signs of interest in reading.

App Overview

"Warm Up"
"Sound Match"
"Letter to Sound"
"Sound to Letter"
"Making words"
"Word Test"

Canadian Phonics 1
- Phonemic Awareness and Letter Sounds

With 2 reference screens and 10 exercises, this app builds students’ listening skills with a series of matching, odd one out, and missing sound games. Students are then introduced to phonics (sound/letter relationships).

App Overview

Sound Match
Odd One Out – Beginning Sound
Odd One Out – Rhyme
Phonics Sounds Reference
Odd One Out – Beginning Vowel
Missing Beginning Sound
Missing End Sound
Missing Middle Sound
Sound Match (letters shown)
Phonics Touch Pad
Vowel Test
Phonics Sound Test (28 sounds)
English Phonics 1 English Phonics 1

Canadian Phonics 2
- CVC, CCVC Words, Consonant Blends & Sentences

This app builds on the exercises in the Canadian Phonics 1 App, working with 3 and 4 sound CVC and CCVC words, building blending & segmenting skills. Twenty one consonant blends are introduced with exercises focusing on being able to identify each sound in a word.

App Overview

Making Words
Word Finder – CVC
Missing Beginning Sounds
Missing Middle Sounds
Missing End Sounds
a, an, the
Sentence Word Order
CVCC Missing 2nd Sound
Consonant Blends
Consonant Blends Test
Making CCVC words
Word Test
CCVC - 1st sound deletion
CCVC - 2nd sound deletion
English Phonics 2 English Phonics 2

Canadian Phonics 3
- Consonant Blends, CVCC Words, Digraphs & Spelling

This App builds on earlier Apps, working on spelling, blending and segmenting skills. More letter & sound relationships are introduced and students put this knowledge to work blending, segmenting & spelling 3 and 4 sound words. Seven consonant digraphs: ch, ck, ph, sh, wh, & th (voiced and unvoiced) are introduced.

App Overview

Find a word CCVC
Spelling CVC – Pen and Paper
Spelling CCVC – Pen and Paper
End Blends
Missing 3rd letter CVCC
Missing 4th Letter CVCC
Find a word CVCC
CVCC 3rd phoneme deletion
Spelling CVCC – Pen and Paper
When "s" makes the /z/ sound
Digraphs examples
Missing digraph exercise
Reading practise – no sound
English Phonics 3 English Phonics 3